You can choose between different shipping methods and costs.


1) Priority (with stamp) € 2.00 (this only applies to Italy and major and minor Italian islands) = the order is sent via Priority Mail, or with stamp and it will be delivered to your mailbox by the local Italian postal service. Delivery will take place within 5 to 6 working days (during the Christmas period service will be suspended, generally from December 1 to January 12)


2) Express courier GLS € 4.90 (only for Italy and major islands, NOT for smaller islands like Ischia, Lily, Ponza, Laguna di Venezia etc ...) = the order is sent via overnight mail to the chosen address. Delivery times are within 24 to 48 hours and 48 to 72 hours for Calabria, Puglia, Sicily and Sardinia.


3) Label with GLS € 5.00 (for Italy and major islands only, NOT smaller islands like Ischia, Lily, Ponza, etc ...) = Upon delivery of the order, payment will be collected by the courier service through check or cash.


4) Recommended INTERNATIONAL postal service for all of Europe € 8.90. This shipment is traceable.


P.S. For deliveries by courier service it is preferable to enter the address of a place where you are present for longer hours (also at work, for example), so that the courier service can deliver without problems.


You can choose MORNING delivery (9:00 to 13:30) or AFTERNOON (13:30 to 19:30) or BOTH.


Specify if there is a doorkeeper with whom to leave the package or if you want parcel collect.


It’s important to leave a mobile number so that the courier can locate you for delivery.


You CANNOT choose a specific time of delivery within the 12 hours, as it is Priority service, whose charge is € 3.00.


Assiamedica assumes no responsibility for non-receipt of the parcel with Priority Mail, because it falls in the hands of the Italian Post Office. Shipments by courier service or Registered Mail, Assiamedica functions through the means of the shipping methods mentioned above.






Shipments over € 60.00 have FREE SHIPPING COSTS.


P.S. Postal consignments are efficient but are not traceable, therefore they are strongly discouraged during holidays (Christmas, Easter, August 15, etc), when the Italian Post are on holiday !!!