T-Zone Cleanse Mitt Green PISTACHIO
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T-Zone Cleanse MITT

It’s the effective solution to free the pores from impurities, toxins, tissue debris, and excessive grease! Blackheads, whiteheads, impurities, and excessive grease are very common and mostly found in the T-Zone (forehead, nose, and chin).

As of consequence, the skin appears shiny, unsmooth, and can be difficult to manage (for example, applying makeup becomes an strenuous task!).

Assiamedica has thought about a practical and effective solution.

The handle of the T-Zone Cleanse Mitt consists of a special internal cloth that allows to easily operate with greater adherence to the T-Zone, at whichever time of the day that it’s necessary to cleanse the skin of endogenous factors (like sweat, grease, etc.) and exogenous factors (like smog, smoke, dust, makeup).

Gently massaging the forehead, nose, and chin with the T-Zone Cleanse TECHNOFIBER mitt, wet with only water and well drained off, can visible results be obtained after just a few days:

  • Clean skin
  • Oxygenated skin
  • Luminous skin
  • Smooth skin
  • Grease normalized

Deep, yet gentle cleansing (no aggressive scrubbing or super chemicals) is the first taken action when one wants to obtain a skin that is healthy, luminous, and ready for receiving subsequent aesthetic beauty treatments.

The technofiber of the T-Zone Cleanse Mitt is created to achieve a mechanical microdermabrasion action.

The microdermabrasion is an excellent technique to contrast, in a natural way, the accumulation of oil, acne, wrinkles, excessive grease, spots (hyperchromia skin), imperfections, and blackheads that are the result of the slowdown of cellular regeneration.



Soak the mitt with water, drain it off, and gently massage the T-Zone in the morning and/or the evening and at whichever time of the day deems appropriate to do so.

For a thorough cleansing rinse the treated areas.

After use, wash the mitt with traditional soap or in the washing machine without bleach or fabric softeners.

Suitable for young and mature skins.

Conveniently sized to take in handbags or for travel.

INIMITABLE technofiber.

International patent.

Dermatologically tested 

Nanotechnology Patent

Sold only online. 

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clients reviews
Lo alterno al panno oppure ai dischetti, dopo essermi struccata e/o anche prima di utilizzare una maschera per il viso. Ci si sente con la pelle pulita ed il massaggio non rovina l'epidermide.
lo utilizzano i miei 2 figli maschi di 17 anni con risultati sorprendenti...davvero fantastica!!! :)))
FAVOLOSA!!!!!!! Già dal primo utilizzo pelle più luminosa e dimezzati i punti neri!!! Ho trovato la mia ancora di salvezza per avere sempre una pelle super pulita... altro che sedute dall'estetista!!
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